Awesome Creamy Tofu Feta by Virtuous Pie

Before becoming plant-based, I used to love, love, love feta! Well, I used to love all cheese to be honest. This was before I took the time to educate myself and learn where it came from, how it was procured, and the sacrifices that these lovely animals have to make over and over for us to enjoy something that isn’t even good for our health and wellbeing. Why choose something that is detrimental to our environment, the animals, and our health when we can create beautiful, tasty plant-based alternatives? Like this tofu feta!

I absolutely love creating dairy alternatives in the kitchen! From cashew based sauces to creamy almond spreads and everything in between. There are so many awesome, plant-based ingredients you can use to make super creamy, flavourful vegan cheeses. Even if you aren’t keen to make plant based cheeses in the kitchen, holy heck are we ever lucky to have some awesome local “cheese” makers! In BC we have: Blue Heron, Miyokos, The Cultured Nut, and Black Sheep to name a few!

I first learned of this recipe through the wonderful Erin Ireland. If you don’t follow her on instagram – do it, now! The original masterminds behind this recipe and to whom I give full credit are the chefs at Virtuous Pie. I love this ‘feta’ and almost always have a batch made up in my fridge to pop on top of salads, bowls, pizza, the list goes on! I particularly like that this recipe is made from tofu. Not only is tofu a complete (and great) source of protein, iron, and calcium along with some other important micronutrients but it also contains isoflavones which can help protect against some cancers, osteoporosis, and heart disease!


12 oz firm tofu
5 oz refined coconut oil, melted*
1 fl oz lemon juice**
1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar***
1 tsp salt****
1.5 tsp onion powder

Add all ingredients into a blender or food processor (I have found using my kitchen aid food processor to be much more successful than my Vitamix.) and blend on high until smooth. You may have to scrape down sides throughout mixing process to make sure the end result is silky smooth. Place in container (I use glass tuppeware) and cover in the fridge a few hours (or overnight) to firm up.

*It’s important to use refined coconut oil as it doesn’t have the coconutty flavour that regular coconut oil has. Also make sure to buy the refined coconut oil that is solid at room temperature. This is what helps to firm up the “feta”.

**I find that fresh squeezed lemon juice adds the best punch of flavour! If you don’t have it though, bottled lemon juice will do just fine!

***I have also used white pickling vinegar and white vinegar when I am out of apple cider vinegar.

****I go heavier on the salt – one heaping tsp.

Enjoy on salads, bowls, pizza, anything and everything!!