My name is Sarah. Welcome to my nutrition and lifestyle page where I will download my hearts mission to create a more eco-conscious and sustainable world! I care about the environment a lot. I love creating delicious, healthy and wholesome plant based meals. And as a mom (to two AMAZING kiddos) and plant based dietitian, I have focused my passion, knowledge, and efforts toward helping people navigate how to eat and how to feed their families. It’s simple and I am excited to be able to help inspire people to get back to basics, listen to their bodies, and eat to sustain both their and the planets health.

I am passionate about supporting our local farmers and businesses, eating seasonally and helping to inspire a change where we start to grow foods for ourselves and stop supporting mass produced everything. I believe it is important to have a real connection to where our food comes from. I am also very passionate (probably annoyingly) about reducing our carbon footprint and working towards leading a zero waste life. So, along with nutrition information, recipes, and all things food, I will post and provide tips on energy and water conservation, reducing consumption of plastic and single use things, reducing food waste (meal planning, grocery shopping, etc), and will provide recipes for DIY home products!

When I am not with my kiddos, you will find me with my running group, teaching spin, or playing in the outdoors.

My approach to food and eating is simple. I don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in focusing on any one macronutrient or micronutrient as good or bad or game changing. I also believe in using whole foods and real ingredients to create amazing food. Less processing, packaging, and plastic. I think that somewhere along the way many of us lost our mind-body connection to food. We think too much, we aren’t kind enough to ourselves, and we don’t honour our body and how intune it is with what we need.

So, back to basics we go. My goal is to help people learn to cook and eat in a way that never leaves them feeling deprived, nourishes their body, fuels them for the life they choose to lead, and enable them to create a healthier life for themselves and the planet.

I look forward to working with you!